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Key Features

What Are the Key Features?

Our system provides a broad range of timekeeping features that allow employers to effectively track employee hours.   Each feature is offered to assist in conveniently organizing and quantifying an employee's work day.   For a list of "key features" of our system, see immediately below.  For a detailed list of features, view the chart provided below.

Key Features

  • Job Costing
  • Labor Distribution
  • Scheduling
  • Custom Pay Categories
  • Shift differential Pay
  • Automated Overtime Calculations
  • Holiday Tracking and Payment
  • Online Time Card Editing
  • Flexible Reporting Features
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction
  • Data Collection at Clock In/Out
  • Punch Rounding (in/out)
  • Electronic Data Transfer
  • Daily Auto Email Report
  • Multiple Pay Rate Payment
The table found below details regarding features available within our timekeeping solution.

Chart Symbols

  Indicates the feature is available as a standard account setting
  Indicates the feature requires scripting for account setup

Automatic lunch deduction    
Supervisor login access (limited access login accounts)    
   Restrict supervisor access by department, location, or employee    
   Restrict supervisor access by clock prompt category or data    
   Enable/disable punch viewing or editing    
   Enable supervisor to add and edit employee setup files    
Holiday Pay Settings    
   Apply a standard or custom pay rate multiple for hours worked on Holiday  
   Apply a dollar or hour amount to a group of employees    
   Create custom Holiday dates    
   Apply Holiday Pay on actual work day or closest weekday    
Labor Distribution    
   Collect categorical, or departmental, data at clock in/out (up to 3 categories)    
   Assign pay rates to employees via collected categorical data (i.e., by dept., job code, etc.)    
   Collect up to 3 numerical totals at clock in/out (i.e., piece rate, tips, etc.)    
   Create reports by job code, department, location, or other collected data    
   Create shift differentials and attach pay rates    
   Create shift by hour or day worked    
   Create custom categories    
   Assign up to four standard pay rates to employee    
   Allow employees to move between categories (i.e., departments) throughout work day    
   Track location of punch via the time clock    
   Attach pay rate by department worked  
   Attach pay rate by day worked    
   Create 2 separate sets of data collection, or clock prompting - limit of 3 numeric/filtering in total         
Employee Scheduling and Rounding    
   Assign one standard daily rounding rule, or "schedule," by employee    
   Create custom minute-rounding rules, or "schedule," by department    
   Round punch times by a rounding increment of 60 (i.e., nearest 15 minutes)    
   Customize the "before" and "after" rounding behavior on a single punch    
   Apply rounding rule, or schedule, to a specific day    
   Create Exception Flags for employee absenteeism    
Employee View Time Card    
   Allow employee to view personal time card online    
   Allow employee to view and edit personal time card online (Supervisor account)    
Overtime Settings    
   Define work week start/end day for OT calculation    
   Apply standard FLSA OT calculations    
   Apply state-regulated OT settings (i.e., California OT)    
   Pay 1.5 x after 40 or 80 hours worked in week    
   Attach multiple OT rules to a client    
   OT after 40 hours in a week or 8 hours in a day    
   OT after 10 hours in a day, without Double Time    
   OT after 12 hours in a day, without Double Time    
   Assign OT rules to specific weekday, by department, by employee    
   Calculate OT based on employee's average pay rate in pay period    
   Spread OT across work week    
   Include custom category hours in OT calculation    
   Apply Ontario rules    
   Apply Alberta rules    
Data Editing    
  Edit employee in/out times    
  Add hours or dollar amounts to a group of employees    
  Apply hours or dollar amounts to a group of employees    
   Create custom pay categories    
   Override pay rate for a punch series    
   Create Supervisor accounts for data editing    
   View Missing Punch totals    
   Activate a Supervisor "Exception Approval" check box for edited punches    
   Freeze past punch data, or protect data, from current changes in account settings    
  Track and reassign erroneous in/out employee punches    
Company Settings    
   Set pay frequency: Weekly; Bi-Weekly; Semi-Monthly; or Monthly    
   Apply standard and custom punch rounding (see Employee Rounding & Scheduling)  
   Apply differing Time Zones to individual time clocks    
   Allow client to manage clock prompts    
   Disable Pay Rate Override function    
   Disable Web Clock punching    
   Activate a Supervisor "Exception" approval check box    
   Create custom categories    
   Hide company pay rates    
   Freeze past punch data, or protect data, for account account setting changes    
   Apply company, department, or employee OT rules (see Overtime Settings)  
   Apply Holiday Pay settings (see Holiday Pay Settings)