American Payroll Services Inc.

Strategic Employer Services:

Employee Self Service

With this service, employees have the freedom to access their pay stubs and W-2s online, freeing you from burdensome administrative questions that take up time. It's easy and secure,*

American Payroll Services offers a variety of employee payroll self-service options. 

General Ledger

Employs three formats for Peachtree and Quickbooks: Payroll, Tax and Check Register. This enables clients to export detailed payroll information, making General Ledger input seamless and straightforward. Any date range can be used for the export, giving clients flexibility. Information can be easily pulled together, without having to shuffle through reports. This is also a great time saver for reconciling all payroll checks.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation

A hassle free solution with the nation's foremost W/C insurance writers. Instead of paying a lump sum premium at the beginning of the year, this premium is paid on a per-payroll basis. Premiums are based on actual payroll numbers and not estimations, cutting down on year-end adjustments and audits. In addition, clients will enjoy automated payments, access to multiple carriers with competitive rates and improved cash flow.

HR Support Center

As a subscriber, you will benefit from our comprehensive online coverage of State and Federal HR and Benefits laws and regulations.

1.  MORE INFORMATION- easy-to-understand explanations and analysis of complicated laws and confusing acronyms.

2.  MORE FORMS-a comprehensive collection of proprietary forms includes human resources forms, sample policies, checklists and model documents-all in a downloadable, ready-to-use format. 

3.  MORE ANSWERS- Our website content is managed by a panel of expert authors and advisors that have years of experience advising clients, educating students and peers, and writing about HR, benefits, and related areas.

Demo for HR Support Center

Retirement Solutions

An exclusive retirement package with high quality, brand name mutual funds. Offering competitive pricing and group purchasing power, set-up fees and annual fees are reduced providing greater financial security and streamlined operations. Clients will receive live customer service support from specialists with expertise in 401k, 403b IRA options and pension plans. Clients will benefit from state-of-the-art solutions such as integrated payroll and census reports.